Misc. Item: Dr. Almon Duchev Log Part 11
Specifications                  [Edit]
Item Points:1
Maximal TT:20 PED
Found On:Planet Calypso

Log 10351

I woke with a jolt. I panicked - thought I had lost my sight. I gradually realized I was imprisoned, but at least still alive. Imprisoned 'cause I couldn't find a way out and alive because I was still breathing. My knee was hurting as usual and I had an odd headache. I was hungry, thirsty and afraid.

I can't quite grasp why I'm still alive. I've seen what they have done to other captives; what they did to Catherine.

Although I felt feverish and my body heavy like lead I needed to clear my mind. I needed the scientist to take control. My nerves confirmed the existence of my old body with all its infirmities of old age, even though it was pitch dark. I still had my PDA in the breast pocket of my coat. Why hadn't they searched my coat? I wonder if they knew what I could do with this equipment, or were they so sure it wouldn't make a difference?

I turned it on. It still had power, but no signal reception. I played with the antenna direction for a while but still nothing. I wondered if they had managed to block the signal or were the antenna circuits broken during my capture?

Same thing with the positioning system. Just a bunch of really strange readings. First a strong signal but then nothing. Then the position jumped from continent to continent. I foraged in my darkened prison to find any material for an antenna, but only found small twigs, a blanket and a bowl of some liquid that I knocked over.

Curled up in the corner I drew the blanket close to my body and faded into a slumber. I prayed to all known and unknown gods to take me away from this godforsaken place. What could I do? Why was I being kept alive here? The scientist in me began trying to think; the human was terrified.

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