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General InformationStatsEconomySource
NameWeightCapacityMax WeightMax.TTMarkupSourceFound On
 (Storage Facility) 500   Non-item 
Anti-Grav Box, Mk. 1 (C)1108050 Crafted 
Anti-Grav Box, Mk. 2 (C)11213079 Crafted 
Anti-Grav Box, Mk. 3 (C)2816092 Crafted 
Arkace Sideboard252510050 LootedPlanet Arkadia
Basic Storage Box (C)1050257 Old Time 
 Casual Luggage1.51015092 Crafted 
Dehera Basin52024040 MinedPlanet Arkadia
Dehera Double Handle Jar62428848 MinedPlanet Arkadia
Dehera Double Handle Urn31518030 MinedPlanet Arkadia
Dehera Large Vase41619232 MinedPlanet Arkadia
Dehera Pail41922838 MinedPlanet Arkadia
Dehera Pitcher21113222 MinedPlanet Arkadia
Dehera Small Vase21012020 MinedPlanet Arkadia
Dehera Tall Urn1050600100 MinedPlanet Arkadia
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