Personal Effects
Items which grant Personal Effects such as Jewelry and Consumables Showing 139 of 56 items.
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NameTypeSlotWeightMax TTMin TTDecayTypeDurationStrengthTypeDurationStrengthTypeDurationStrengthTypeDurationStrengthTypeDurationStrengthTypeDurationStrengthTypeDurationStrengthTypeDurationStrengthTypeDurationStrengthTypeDurationStrengthSourceFound On
AccuStim 5mgPillConsumable00.010.001.00Focused Blow3600.002%                           Event StrongboxPlanet Calypso
AccuStim 10mgPillConsumable00.010.001.00Focused Blow3600.003%                           Event Strongbox, Mayhem Token TraderPlanet Calypso
AccuStim 15mgPillConsumable00.010.001.00Focused Blow3600.004%                           Event StrongboxPlanet Calypso
AccuStim, FEN EditionPillConsumable01.000.00100.00Focused Blow5400.004%                           FEN Token TraderPlanet Calypso
Aeglic Ring (L)JewelryRight Hand0. Health 10 HPIncreased Regeneration 25 %                        StrongboxEntropia Universe
Aeglic Ring, AdjustedJewelryRight Hand0. Health 12 HPIncreased Regeneration 30 %                        StrongboxEntropia Universe
Aeglic Ring, AugmentedJewelryRight Hand0. Health 18 HPIncreased Regeneration 45 %                        StrongboxEntropia Universe
Aeglic Ring, ImprovedJewelryRight Hand0. Health 14 HPIncreased Regeneration 35 %                        StrongboxEntropia Universe
Aeglic Ring, ModifiedJewelryRight Hand0. Health 16 HPIncreased Regeneration 40 %                        StrongboxEntropia Universe
Aeglic Ring, PerfectedJewelryRight Hand0. Health 20 HPIncreased Regeneration 50 %                        StrongboxEntropia Universe
Ares Ring (L)JewelryRight Hand0. Reload Speed 4 %Increased Critical Chance 0.2 ppIncreased Critical Damage 4 %                     StrongboxEntropia Universe
Ares Ring, AugmentedJewelryRight Hand0. Reload Speed 12 %Increased Critical Chance 1.0 ppIncreased Critical Damage 12 %                     StrongboxEntropia Universe
Ares Ring, ImprovedJewelryRight Hand0. Reload Speed 8 %Increased Critical Chance 0.6 ppIncreased Critical Damage 8 %                     StrongboxEntropia Universe
Ares Ring, ModifiedJewelryRight Hand0. Reload Speed 10 %Increased Critical Chance 0.8 ppIncreased Critical Damage 10 %                     StrongboxEntropia Universe
Ares Ring, PerfectedJewelryRight Hand0. Reload Speed 14 %Increased Critical Chance 1.2 ppIncreased Critical Damage 14 %                     StrongboxEntropia Universe
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