Armor Sets
Available armors. You can test the performance and decay of the armors in the Creature Maturity Levels chart. For more information about armor and plate decay, see Armor Decay. Showing 301 of 56 items.
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General InformationProtectionEconomySourcePersonal effect
NameWeightStbCutImpPenShrBrnCldAcdElcCloseFirearmsTotalDurabilitySet TTMar. (M)Mar. (F)SourceFound onPersonal Effects
 A.R.C. Commander (L)30.22121212001516160633513012000700.0  ARC Faction Rank 3Planet Cyrene 
 A.R.C. Elite 2020201401588060291053500   LootedPlanet Cyrene 
 A.R.C. Elite (L) 2020201401588060291058000   LootedPlanet Cyrene 
A.R.C. Guardian24.055500000015015140028.0  LootedPlanet Cyrene 
 A.R.C. Hazard (L) 21209501508050207810400   LootedPlanet Cyrene 
A.R.C. Inaugurates (L)30.2141414808812042167812000200.0106.00%106.00%ARC Faction Rank 1Planet Cyrene 
A.R.C. Patrol (L)30.21818181501214140542710912000360.0110.00%110.00%ARC Faction Rank 2Planet Cyrene 
A.R.C. Pilot30.200210000321690030.0  Old TimePlanet Cyrene 
 A.R.C. Ranger30.2051050100010151540170099.4  CraftedPlanet Cyrene 
 A.R.C. Special Ops (L) 00000100400010506200   CraftedPlanet Cyrene 
 Adjusted Imperium30.214141480812251242161073000200.0  MissionPlanet CyreneItem Set Bonus - Increased Evade Chance 3/5/10% + Increased Critical Damage 3/5/10%
 Aegis 9994494499927971513500   LootedNext Island 
 Aegis (L)11.999944944999279715114000570.0  CraftedAncient Greece 
Angel14.53030301501500090301204000363.0  LootedPlanet Calypso 
Angel (L)14.530303015015000903012014000363.0  LootedPlanet Calypso 
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