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General InformationSpecsEconomySource
NameWeightItem PointsAspect RatioLocal Content ScreenImages & TextEffectsMultimediaParticipant ContentCostMax.TTPriceSource
Ad Screen6.812:1NoNoNoNoNo0.0068 Crafted
BackLite Display (PC)2.851:2YesYesYesNoYes15.30306 Crafted
BackLite Screen (PC)2.551:2YesYesYesNoYes10.20204 Crafted
BackLite Sign2.511:2YesYesNoNoNo2.5050 Crafted
BackLite Sign (PC)2.811:2YesYesNoNoYes5.10102 Crafted
Elique Display (PC)4.1152:1YesYesYesYesYes16.80336 Crafted
Elique Screen4.152:1YesYesYesNoNo3.4068 Crafted
Elique Screen (PC)3.652:1YesYesYesNoYes11.20224 Crafted
Elique Sign3.612:1YesYesNoNoNo2.7054 Crafted
Elique Sign (PC)3.812:1YesYesNoNoYes5.60112 Crafted
Gigantium Display (PC)13.2151:1YesYesYesYesYes25.80516 Crafted
Gigantium Screen13.151:1YesYesYesNoNo4.1072 Crafted
Gigantium Screen (PC)13.351:1YesYesYesNoYes17.20344 Crafted
Gigantium Sign13.211:1YesYesNoNoNo3.8065 Crafted
Gigantium Sign (PC)13.211:1YesYesNoNoYes8.60172 Crafted
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