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NameLeaderFounderFound DateSkill RankPeople RankAverage HPAverage Total SkillAverage Highest SkillURL
 15$ Experiment   88.0146.088.0
 420 X-Plorers  10   
 ((The Magisterium))Yettie Painwrecker VonNjaapensteinVergil Syer vonBraun02-03-20112821133.0101633.05436.0
 (Kara-Shehr) 26    secret cos of harassment by flammers of EF
 *EL GRECO*Jim Aragorn ArcadianJim Aragorn Arcadian   120.067927.05235.0
 ...:::Dragon Masters:::...Joe Master BlackJoe Master Black03-01-2008     
 .:| United Talents |:.Neo The-One BaanVince VinzZ Zyon   120.466077.24189.1
 .:DT:. Die Templer12-10-2009
 :- 7th Sin -:   102.030080.03042.0
::The Pacifiers::
~: EON :~Quick Illequi SilverQuick Illequi Silver01-01-2009
 ~ H2o ~      
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