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ShopTypeItemPropertiesAmountValueMarkupMarkupExpiresExpiration periodDelete
 PA Mall F1 #5L - Farstar FashionBlueprintQR 30.0193.4493.14 22ResetDelete
 PA Mall F1 #5L - Farstar FashionBlueprint QR 1.0151.2151.20 22ResetDelete
 PA Mall F1 #2S - Soo's ShopWeaponA-3 Justifier Mk.IVTier 1.91616610.68 12ResetDelete
 TwP Mall F3 #4LWeaponAakas Fire DaggerTier 1.41268.02255.34 19ResetDelete
TwP Mall F2 #7S - Old Sindbad BazaarMaterialAarkan Polymer 122873.6875.15102.0050ResetDelete
 EL Mall F2 #1LBlueprintAdaptorQR 22ResetDelete
 The Miner's DreamMaterialAdomasite IngotTICity, plat, C5300   4ResetDelete
 The Miner's DreamMaterialTICity, plat, C5100   4ResetDelete
 The Miner's DreamMaterialTICity, plat, C5200   4ResetDelete
 EL Mall F2 #4L - Blueprins and moreBlueprint Advanced Cooling System UnitQR 22ResetDelete
 PA Mall F3 #14L - Auktuma'sBlueprintAdvanced MatrixQR 22ResetDelete
 PA Mall F3 #14L - Auktuma'sBlueprintAdvanced Security ModuleQR 22ResetDelete
 TwP Mall F3 #5L - Leo Nis'sBlueprintAdvanced Talytic ConvertersQR 1.01103.37103.36 22ResetDelete
 The Miner's DreamMaterialAlferix IngotTICity, plat, C5100   4ResetDelete
 The Miner's DreamMaterialAlicenies GelTICity, plat, C5200   4ResetDelete
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