Decoration: Araneatrox Doll
Specifications                  [Edit]
Weight:0.3 kg
Item Points:1
Maximal TT:1 PED
Source:Halloween Gift 2008
Found On:Planet Calypso
When people first started to colonize Calypso they discovered the environment wasn't the most friendly. To educate citizens in the native wildlife, learning aids were produced in the form of dolls, posters and handbooks. However, when they tried to warn citizens of the frightening Araneatrox they made a huge mistake. Many younger citizens never took the fearsome Araneatrox seriously, as the doll was soft and cuddly. Many tried to find the animal in the wild and after some tragic losses and misplaced limbs the doll was withdrawn from the market.

Not long ago two containers filled with the dolls were found and the Calypso Colony Government decided to hand out the dols to the citizens as a grim reminder of the blood filled past of Calypso.

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