Clothes: Techno Shirt (C)
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Maximal TT:19 PED

The Techno Shirt is a relativly rare sight on calipso.

While it is not known for sure why, those in the ministry of manufacting suspect the reason to be that the skills required to sucessfully make the shirt are in excess of the shirts price one made.

As a result, those who can make it can better spend their time making other clothing that is more profitable.

Sadly, this means that that anyone who owns a set of Techo-Pants stands little or no chance or getting a matching shirt.


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These blueprints are used to craft the item.

NameLevelMaterialsItem valueItem markupItem markupCostCost/MCost/%Found on
Techno Shirt Blueprint6619  3.783.95104.5Planet Calypso

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