Clothes: First Wave Colonist Beret
Specifications                  [Edit]
Weight:0.1 kg
Maximal TT:1 PED
Source:MA Gift 2008
Found on:Planet Calypso

This Imperial commendation was given to all first wave colonists to mark the five year aniversary of the Calypso colony. After the Robot wars Calypso was repopulated by intrepid colonists, pioneers, and adventure-seekers. Thesewere times of great battles, historical events and massive turning points, all shadowed by the push to establish a new home for mankind. Over half a million colonists set foot on Calypsian soil during the endeavour. Some perished and others suceeded beyond thier weildest dreams. Businesses, societies, friendship and colaboration flourished as humans once again took a firm grasp of the alien world.


The First Wave began arriving ar 23:53, January 30, in the year 2003, local time. This commendation is a mark of respect for the sacrifices, challenges, anger and passion the colonists endured during these inital five years.

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