Version Update: 9.2.4
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Planet:Entropia Universe
News:Changes to death sequence
Version Update 9.2.4

5 March 2008

  • Changes to death sequence: The 'Do you want to revive?' question has been removed. Instead a ten second countdown timer is automatically initiated. The ghost will automatically be moved to a revival terminal when the countdown finishes. The participant can manually choose to abort the countdown and then the ghost will remain in place for as long the participant chooses. NOTE: If the ghost is within a land grab area the countdown is 300 seconds (5 minutes) and the participant cannot manually abort the countdown sequence.
  • The land grab grace period (the time the defending team can wait with no presence until the claim becomes neutral) has been reduced from 30 seconds to 10 seconds.
  • During a land grab battle, the safe zone surrounding the fertilizer station is deactivated.

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