Loot Frequency Ranks
Ranks of loot frequency in the Creature Loot chart. Showing 9 of 56 items.
UnknownLoot frequency is unknown (default value)0
Very oftenItems found in most loots.1
OftenItems you loot several times every hunt. (at least once about every 100PED spent)2
CommonItems that you loot in most hunts. (at least once about every 1000PED spent)3
UncommonItems that regulary drop in globals. (likely to drop about every 10000PED spent)4
RareItems that are really hard to loot. (not very likely you loot this item at all, no matter how much you spend)5
Extremely rareItems that are almost never looted. (Forget ever looting this kind of item, unless you are really lucky)6
EventItem can only be looted during the event period7
No longer dropsItem no longer seems to drop from this mob.8

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