Missing loots
Loots reported by EU hunter but missing in the loot chart Showing 343 of 56 items.
ItemCreatureLast VUDropsKillsDrop rate
Infrasound Amplifier ComponentAmbulimax11.3.631430.0210
Jaguar Shin Guards (M,L)Argonaut14.3.1111430.0009
Socket III ComponentAtrox11.0.341650.0242
Strong Cloth Extractor12.7.31100.1000
Basic Stone ExtractorBerycled12.7.010 
BLP PackBokol12.4.1242460.0976
Fine Hide12.4.122460.0081
Diluted Mineral Extractor12.4.121650.0121
Paint Can (Dark Steel Blue)12.4.131650.0182
Basic Leather Extractor12.4.121650.0121
Advanced Cloth Extractor12.4.121650.0121
Basic Wood ExtractorBristlehog11.0.210 
High Speed Control Component11.0.210 
Explosive ProjectilesBuccaneer Skeleton12.7.01220930.0057
Enhanced Metal Extractor12.7.0116210.0006
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