Version Update: 16.1.0
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Planet:Entropia Universe
News:Adjustments to camera/control system, issues fixed, minor game improvements


  • The 30-second forced PvP status after leaving a PvP zone is now visible.
  • Changed the name of the item "Fire Rate Controller" to "Robot Fire Rate Controller".
  • Clicking left mouse button outside of context menus now closes the menu.
  • The Shrapnel icon size has been decreased.
  • It is now possible to interact with targets, vehicles and collect loot via right mouse button.


Fixed Issues

  • The targeting crosshair now accounts for the PvP cooldown period.
  • The Shopkeeper Pad NPC has been renamed to “Shopkeeper”
  • Fixed inconsistent color coding in plot editor interface.
  • Fixed a view issue with vehicles in third and first person view.


Known Issues

  • The crosshair in third and first person mode in space vehicles is offset.

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