Version Update: Planet Calypso 2018.5
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Planet:Planet Calypso
News:Avatar statues added, Merry Mayhem preperations, FEN content added

Avatar statues have been placed at the following locations:

  • Port Atlantis Waterfront
  • Twin Peaks Main
  • Athena Spaceport

Removed no-vehicle zones at Athena Spaceport and Halfmoon Bay.

Merry Mayhem Assault mode update:

  • The Shield Penetration buff is now removed after dealing 20% of the boss's max health in damage instead of being removed at each 20% health interval of the boss health


Fixed Issues
Corrected various terminal and NPC locations at Fort Fury.

The new Boss Mobs now contribute towards their subsequent Iron Missions:

Hunting Challenge: Iron Defender

  • Defender Elite Gen 01
  • Defender Elite Gen 02
  • Defender Sentinel

Hunting Challenge: Iron Kerberos

  • Kerberos Old Elite

Hunting Challenge: Iron Mulaak'f

  • Mulaak'f Raider Elite
  • Mulaak'f Hunter Elite
  • Mulaak'f Clan Warlord Elite

Hunting Challenge: Iron Mulmun

  • Mulmun Raider Elite

Hunting Challenge: Iron Muluk-Hir

  • Muluk-Hir Raider Elite
  • Muluk-Hir Hunter Elite
  • Muluk-Hir Clan Warlord Elite

Hunting Challenge: Iron Snarksnot

  • Snarksnot Guardian Elite
  • Snarksnot Stalker Elite
  • Snarksnot Schnozzle

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