Version Update: 15.18.0
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Planet:Entropia Universe
News:Compet Deed NPC added, Shared Loot can be attributed to players, Map Marker where you last died added to Map UI, Consumables can't be used while ejected in space


  • Compet deeds can now be exchanged for Arkadia Moon deeds through a hand in mission in Celeste Harbour, just seek the Compet Deed Exchange NPC at 29820, 10165
  • It is now possible to get your name on a shared creature global if killed solo
  • Halloween skeleton clothes are now listed in the auction correctly
  • It is now only possible to drop items in your own estates
  • The healing over time effect now displays correctly as green when health points are gained
  • It is now possible to see a marker where you last died in the map user interface
  • Changed Nanocube type, so that it's in Materials inventory tab instead of Mined Resources



  • It is no longer possible to use consumables in space when ejected from ship

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