Features and Adjustments:

  • Waypoint markers are now visible for multiple tracked missions.
  • Non-tradable items now indicate that they cannot be looted in lootable PvP areas.
  • The Screenshot action is now mapped to the Print Screen key by default.
  • Enhancers must now be detached from items before placing them on the auction.
  • Projectiles now disappear properly upon detonation.
  • Added support for lossless PNG image format for the Screenshot action in the Options panel.
  • Vehicles are now allowed inside Monria's craters.


  • Item info model view optimizations.
  • Fixed an issue causing targeting issues at extreme z-angles.
  • Fixed an issue causing the criteria for Decreased Metabolic Rate not to increase.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Trade Terminal and Missions to not work properly after changing planets.
  • Fixed a post-processing issue causing items to take up too much inventory space.
  • Fixed an issue causing avatars to become stuck in animations in some situations.
  • Fixed an issue causing skill modification enhancers to work improperly after skill increases in some situations.
  • The Boxing ring on Monria is now a permanent PvP zone.