Version Update: 15.8
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Planet:Entropia Universe
News:Dynamic Event System

Dynamic Event System


The first stage of a powerful new Planet Partner event
management suite has been implemented, and will be tested on Planet Calypso.
This new system integrates event objectives and avatar participation with the
existing mission tracker interface, and provides new tools for Planet Partners
to create and manage more dynamic and engaging official events. Once the system
is extended and refined, it will be made available to all Planet Partners.




  • The Colonist Standard Issue clothing items have received a

visual update.

  • The models for fruits have been updated.


  • Client latency information is now available below the

radar user interface (hover mouse to view latency tooltip).

  • A warning is now displayed in the auction interface when

listing an item with a price significantly lower than market history.



  • Corrected an issue that caused client crashes when picking

up fruit in some situations.

  • Client stability fixes implemented for several common

crash cases.

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