Version Update: Planet Calypso 2015.5
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Planet:Planet Calypso
News:Minor changes to rookie missions, Vigi armor upgrades; other minor changes and fixes


  • The “Blow Them All to Hell” mission now requires activating a control panel to proceed instead of waiting in the area.
  • The “Liaison Atwell's Request” mission now awards one Generic Nano Adjuster 0010. If you have already completed the mission, speak to the Liaison Atwell NPC to receive the new reward.
  • Liaison Atwell's dialogue has been updated and polished.
  • The Imperial Guardians now offer upgrades to the Vigilante armor parts.
  • The missions “Fertile Waters” and “Washed Up” will now give waypoints when approaching the relevant areas.
  • Several robots have received sound updates.
  • Several inactive NPCs have been removed.


  • The item info panel for some weapons (such as the EWE EP-1 Neutron (L)) referred to the old default key settings, this has been corrected.
  • The Fugabarba Daily Hunt missions have had their text updated regarding spawn locations.
  • Harvestable trees will no longer spawn inside Cape Corinth, Atlas Haven and Fort Ithaca.
  • Ground cover vegetation is back in several areas.

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