Version Update: Planet Calypso 2015.4.1
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Planet:Planet Calypso
News:Octagon removed from Atlas Haven; other minor changes and fixes


  • The CDF Deserter has been restored, and offers vehicles in exchange for Combat Tokens. The vehicles in stock at any particular time are variable and are restocked at random intervals, similar to items in the Combat Token Trader.
  • Updated Creature Control Capsule item information, including Pumpkin Sweets, which have been renamed to Creature Control Candy - The Big Pumpkin.
  • Halloween Mayhem gates have been removed.
  • Atlas Haven:
    • The Octagon has been removed.
    • Surrounding ambient sounds have been improved.

Fixed Issues

  • The “Iron Challenge: Puny Creatures” counter will now reappear upon killing any eligible creature, if not currently visible.
  • The “Further Investigation” mission will no longer get stuck when killing robots before closing the dialogue window. Mission progress has also been made more apparent for this mission.
  • The “Complete the Wave” now more clearly indicates when your avatar is within the event area and when kills are counted.
  • Tutorial NPCs now refer to the recently updated default keymap settings.
  • Nina Columbus is now properly clothed.

Known Issues

  • The Twin Peaks minimap area displays incorrectly.
  • Ground cover vegetation is missing in several areas.

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