Version Update: Planet Toulan 2015.3
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Planet:Planet Toulan
News:New tabtab wave spawner and beginner experience quest chain, new weapons, armor, mob loot, quwa challenges, added whips and MF items

. New Beginner Experience Quest Chain :

After new players reach the Guardian Village, NPC Bahar will lead on the extension of the new player experience.

. New NPC Ahlan at The Citadel, welcomes planet arrivals from space and directs them towards Salam to being the new player quest chain.

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. Added NPC Attribute Token Trader at the Nawa Reactor of Al-Nahar City. 

. New Public Event Organizer at [131912, 91611]

. New Quwa Challenges at NPC Moftah in the Guardian Village.
Quwa Challenge For TabTab
Quwa Challenge For Bahri
Quwa Challenge For Mokhat
Quwa Challenge For Jeef Zajer
Quwa Challenge For Caboria

. New Action Figure Rewards for all Quwa Challenges.

. New Daily Missions at NPC Aziz the fisherman at the docks of Guardian Village.
Daily Mission For TabTab
Daily Mission For Bahri
Daily Mission For Mokhat
Daily Mission For Thawr
Daily Mission For Dahhar

. New Wave Spawner :
Wave Spawner (TabTab Playground) at [132260, 94171]

. New Lootable Weapons :
Carbine_Sahra_MK8 (L)
Carbine_Sahra_MK9 (L)
Carbine_Sahra_MK10 (L)
Pistol_Salafa G7 (L)
Pistol_Salafa G8 (L)
Pistol_Salafa G9 (L)
Pistol_Salafa G10 (L)
Shayeb S40 (L)
Shayeb S45 (L)
Shayeb S50 (L)
Shayeb S55 (L)
Hilqa Knife M5 (L)
Hilqa Knife M6 (L)
Hilqa Knife M7 (L)
Hilqa Knife M8 (L)
Jamjoon Annihilation JA-1 (L)
Jamjoon Wipeout JW-1(L)
Jamjoon Masascre JM-1 (L)
Sword_Ophidian Blade M5 (L)
Sword_Ophidian Blade M6 (L)
Sword_Ophidian Blade M7 (L)
Sword_Ophidian Blade M8 (L)

. New Lootable Armor :
Sada Armor (L)
Haris Armor (L)

. New Mobs Loot :
Mokhat Hand
Mokhat Organ
Statues for each Wave Spawner Boss

. Added Lootable Dominax Original Whips
. Added Lootable MindForce Items

Fixes : 

Fixed Wave Spawners Time Out Extended to 3 Minutes.
Fixed Wave Spawners, reduced mobs density.
Fixed Wave Spawners terrain, added visible borders.
Fixed Mob Sunjoq Unreachable issues.
Fixed Duhol Quwa Challenge broken Stage 2, now working normally.
Fixed Reciepe for Sunburst Texture Blueprint.
Fixed Recipe for Yashib Texture Blueprint.
Fixed Jeef Qaher Hide loot issue, now Dropping in Loot.



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