Version Update: Planet Rocktropia 2015.3
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News:Fixed gorilla pet sounds, removed PvP from Docklands and Motorhead Stadium, New loot to variety of mobs and bosses

Hell Infected with Viruses, Worms and Spyware!

September VU News!!
ROCKtropia has been Hacked.
Trojan Detected!
Hell Infected with Viruses, Worms and Spyware!
Werewolf Leaders Gathering in BioDome!
Zombie Virus Spread to BioDome
Vampires looking for Allies against Werewolves
Green Proxy Firewall Ready to be Cleansed.
New Loot Added to a Variety of Mobs including Bosses 
Charm component Blueprints added to compliment Potions

fixes & tweaks
Fixed Sounds on Gorilla pets
Extended time limit on low level cribs and Mines..
Added confirm message to Temple Exits on SI
Removed Safe Zones in Nuclear Blast Lootable PVP
Removed PvP from Docklands
Removed PVP from Motorhead Stadium
Fixed Assassination segment of Company mission
Removed worm Blasters and Trekkies from Vixens

Known Issues – Will be resolved after patch.
Vampires Sliding
Motorhead Land Area Shrunk
Proxy Instance accessible with lockPick 1 (wrong Key)
Island Girl playing Hide and Seek in SI KING KONG Cave
Data Dragons – Damage Spread is incorrect
Proxy Final Boss level too high – Dmg spread incorrect


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