Version Update: 15.2.2
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Planet:Entropia Universe
News:Change to mining finders/amps; vid card fix


  • An issue causing severe client memory leaks for systems with certain Nvidia graphics card models has been corrected.
  • Mining finders no longer allow searches if the condition of the attached amplifier is below the amount required for all of the selected search types. In the past, when the attached amplifier's condition was lower than required to provide full amplification for all selected search types, the loot calculation was modified based on remaining condition and selected search types. Though we cannot discuss in detail the inner workings of the loot algorithm, we can assure everyone that no overall economic advantage was gained in such situations. However, in order to present a more consistent and transparent user experience when employing mining finders with amplifiers attached, searches will now be limited according to the remaining condition of the attached amplifier and search types selected.

Known Issues

  • On random occasions a pet will remain spawned in the world when your avatar logs out, causing double pets when logging back in. To avoid this issue, be sure to dismiss your pet before logging out. This issue will be corrected in an upcoming patch.

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