Version Update: Planet Rocktropia 2014.1
Specifications                  [Edit]

ROCKTropia – March 18th VU Notes.

  • Increased Zombie Flesh Drop Rate
  • Increased Rotten banana drop rate.
  • Werewolf Spawns increased
  • Werewolf Mission Broker added
  • Vampires returned
  • Vampire Mission broker added.
  • Banana Weight Reduced
  • Vinyl Weight Reduced
  • Lemmy's Castle added
  • Beer Garden Added
  • Mining Resources from Old Servers Consolidated
  • Werewolf Mine instances added Somewhere
  • Iron Quests restored
  • Mission chains fixed
  • Zombie Kong Wave Spawner Fixed (17 Waves – Reduced lvl Kong)
  • New Loot added to Kong
  • Mineral Resources added to arctic Server
  • Item Restriction added back to Arctic – ROCKtropia Items only. Mindforce implants will be removed.
  • Event Forts Added.
  • New Island areas added to Zomhattan Server.
  • City of Dreams starter Area Refurbished

Known Issues:

  • Horny Little Devils Still invisible
  • Some Forum Trolls Textures still messed up
  • Motorhead Royalty Spawns not in stadium
  • Lemmys Castle Mobs need re-organizing.

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