Version Update: Next Island 2012.3
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Planet:Next Island
News:New Content & Fixed Issues

New Content

Today's content release introduces Dark Lysterium, offers new missions, and introduces new blueprints, including the Hoplite Gloves and the long-awaited tropical clothes!

New Mineral

Dark Lysterium Common mineral lysterium, in the alternate dimensional reality of Next Island, sometimes takes on strange properties.


  • Axonic Diodes At the end of Samuel's mission, he says he's still missing a small but vital piece of his logical circuits, so Crystal Center's crafter Malcolm Campbell has decided to make a workaround for the very last part Samuel needs.
  • Arthur's Secret Crush Arthur, the Official Island Greeter reveals a not-so-secret crush on a special lady.
  • Helen's Super Epic Hunting Adventure! Huntress Helen Venture sends the player on a super epic, very dangerous hunting mission!
  • '''Beachside Fashio***n Sara Murray is showing off a cute new tropical shirt down at the Crystal Bay tiki bar. Do a favor for her, and she'll show you how to make one too.


  • Lesser Elysia. The Elysians developed this synthetic fabric to stay cool in the jungle and stay warm on cold island nights. You can purchase this blueprint from a technician to get started crafting clothes.
  • Island Shirt
  • Elysian's Tropical Top
  • Hoplite Gloves
  • Many new components like Campbell's Basic Framework, Helen Venture's Walking Stick and Chrysoberyl Fasteners.

Fixes / Modifications

  • To Infinity and Beyond! For new arrivals to the island, we've changed Mary's challenge to unlock Greece. Instead of choosing the correct argument in favor of time travel, 1314-Mary now wants players to prove themselves in the Elysian virtues before she'll judge them worthy of the secrets of time travel. This introduces more of the Elysian backstory, and makes travel to Greece more epic and exciting. Don't worry, existing time-travel crystals and the existing cave location have not been changed, so existing player won't be forced to re-run this mission.
  • Loot Revisions We have made some changes to the locations and frequency of island loot. We plan these revisions to make sure items are dropping as designed, and specifically to make starter missions and blueprints easier to complete.
  • Shepherd's Beach Tom Shepherd's mission, Inventing A Color, and Bess Mackenzie's first mission, Genetic Research 1, are now daily repeatable missions.
  • Enchanted Village These scenic spot is no longer home to a backwards, flying river. We built a dam. Just kidding, we remodeled the river.

We have one more piece of island clothing on the way, but we encountered last-minute difficulties. We expect this to be available in a patch next week.

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