Version Update: 11.6.0
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Planet:Entropia Universe
News:Dynamic Content Distribution Step 2, Genesis Starting Area, EULA & ToU changed, Auction filtering

02 Feb 2011

Dynamic Content Distribution Step 2

This release includes the second part of the Dynamic Content Distribution.
We now have support for content download while logged in; you can log in to one planet while downloading other planets' content.
The dynamic content distribution has the following characteristics that you can control as described:

  • Prioritizing download at content releases: At new content releases the content download is divided into two parts: first required content (general content, needed for all planets) and then planet-specific content. The Launch button will be enabled after all the required content has been downloaded. Click the Launch button and log in to prioritize content download of the planet you are located on
  • Log in during download: You will be able to log in to the client when required content and the additional content related to the planet you are located on has been downloaded completely, even though other planets might still not be finished downloaded.
  • Default download behavior: The default download behavior is that only the planetary system you are located on is downloaded automatically. Within that planetary system one planet is downloaded at a time.
  • Manually handle download behavior: In the Map UI - now the Navigator UI - you can prioritize the download order for each planet and choose to disable or enable download of each planet. You can also check which planets that are finished downloaded and which are not.
  • Pause/Start download: Once logged on you can check the download status in the Download UI. In this UI you can also pause the download and restart it. By default, this UI is open as long as the client is still being downloaded, but you can choose to minimize it.


Improvements when Creating a New Account

Simplified Account Creation

We have made several improvements to the account creation process to facilitate for new users to create an account:

  • The account creation is now integrated in the download process.
  • A new user can open the account creation form directly in the Client Loader interface; the Create Account button in the Client Loader, directly opens the form a new user needs to fill in.
  • The account creation form is simplified and less information is required from the new user at this stage.


Genesis - The New Starting Area

We now introduce Genesis. This is a small client (around 300MB) where new account holders can enter the virtual environment and learn the basics of Entropia Unvierse while the the next destination is downloaded in the background.

Genesis includes a few quick tutorials and short quests aimed at newcomers. This is where CharDef (Avatar Customization) is placed now and the new account holders can also try different garments on and chat with other avatars.

Note: We have increased the variation possibilities for newly created avatars' appearances. Therefore, in a coming release, we will give all current participants the opportunity to customize their avatar appearance again.




  • Aiming in OTS (Over The Shoulder) view is now more accurate.
  • In Auction UI, improved the search function; included filters for gender, limited and unlimited items, and planets. Using the planet filter will sort out the items placed in the Auction from the planet you selected.
  • Updated the Client Loader appearance during patching.
  • At log in, added "Remember Username" check box for easier log in.
  • The functions are still the same, but the transaction process for new participants, through the web, is updated.

End User Policies

  • EULA and ToU updated to include information about Genesis ("Entropia Universe Starting Area").


Known Issues

  • Some of the new avatars entering Genesis only have their underwear on. However, the orange jump suit is available in the Equipped panel, in the Clothes UI (press I to open), and can be equipped from there.

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