Version Update: 6.2
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Planet:Entropia Universe
News:Teaming and HOF updates
VU 6.2 Content List

General Information
The Version Update 6.2 ("VU 6.2") for Project Entropia is a major step in the development of Project Entropia. Information about the content of the version update is located in this document.

Teaming updates
Teaming is massively updated. Here comes a list of features.

  • A team can now consist of twelve members.
  • A team is created by clicking on the Team button in the row in the main interface.
  • While it is possible to have a one-man team, loot cannot be acquired under such circumstances. The team must be at least two members strong for looting to work.
  • Loot distribution added. This means that when a team leader creates a team, he also chooses a set of rules that determine how team loot is distributed between the team members. Once these rules are confirmed they cannot be changed. If changes to the rules set are needed the team must be disbanded and a new team must be created. This is to ensure that once the rules are set, the team leased will not be able to change the conditions of the teaming activity without the consent of the team members. The various loot distribution rules are:

      Item Distribution
    • Damage Decides Order: The team member who does the most damage receives the highest valued item (if present) in the loot, the member who did the second highest damage receives the second highest valued item (if present), etc.
    • Leader Takes All: The team leader always receives all items found.
    • Most Damage Wins All: The team member who does the most damage receives all the items present in a loot.
    • Queue: The first found item is given to the topmost team member, the next found item is given to the second member, etc, going through the roster of members. The queue position is saved every time looting occurs.
    • Random: Any item present in a loot is randomly distributed to a random team member.

      Money Distribution:
    • Damage Determines: Any PED and/or PEC found is divided among the team members, in accordance to the damage each member did.
    • Equal: Any PED and/or PEC found is divided as equally as possible among all team members.

  • All team members can look at the rules by clicking the team button at any time. If the rules are not to your liking, we suggest you leave the team.
  • In the event a member disconnects from Project Entropia, he is still a part of the team for a period of five minutes. Team members kicked from the team does not have this grace period. A disconnected team member will continue to receive loot, if he, according to the team rule set is entitled to receive any. The member will however not see any loot window or text feedback concerning this. The team member will simply find the items/PED's looted during his absence placed directly in his inventory.
  • A team member will receive loot regardless of distance. This even works over continents!
  • If the team leader quits the team, the team is automatically disbanded.

Hall of Fame updates
The Hall of Fame has been updated, with new looks and functions. Some of the new features include:

  • Entries in the HoF list now show to which society an avatar belongs to at the time of the HoF-event.
  • The top 25 avatars is shown instead of top 15.
  • The mining section will now present the correct mineral found, instead of sometimes showing "Unknown".
  • When manufacturing items, the manufactured item name is shown in the entry instead of the just the category shown prior to the update.
  • The previous "PK Streak" is back, including an All time high and a 24h version. This is now called "Killing Spree".
  • A loot must contain a minimum value of 50 PED to be added to the HoF list, if the value is above the current lowest entry. For Killing Spree, the minimum is ten different avatars.
  • Please note that the HoF entries are not updated in absolute real time. This means the HoF list may, at rare times, appear to have different entries when two different avatars look at the list at the same time. Any such difference is updated within an hour at the most.

Share owners: All avatars owning shares from the time the Project Entropia Exchange was in operation will have their shares reimbursed at twice the purchase sum. The shares are then removed from Project Entropia. The Exchange is closed but may be reopened in a later VU.

Visuals of clothes and armor: When you drop clothes and armor on the ground, or on a shelf, they look much better than before.

Updates to visual interface styles: The overall feel in the dialogue boxes and interface is updated to a more coherent style and look.

Updated looks on armor: The Chronicle, Vain, Sentinel, and Supremacy armor, among others, have added details and looks.

Chat updates: If you type "/?" in the chat you will get help info about shortcuts. You can now send messages directly to the team (if present) by adding "/t" or "/team" before your message. The same goes for society messages, where the prefix is either "/s" or "/soc".

More furniture: New pieces of furniture added, including gothic looking stuff and shelves.

New weapons: New weapons added, especially as loot on the Amethera continent.

New armor sets: Armor sets added.

Added confirm to Mentor: Now you need to confirm the kicking of a disciple before it happens.

Server backbone updates: A lot of changes to the server system has been made, both with software and hardware. It is our continuous strive in bringing you better stability and performance.

>Fixed avatar synch issues: Some issues showing avatars running on the spot and similar things updated.

Fixed an issue with Map updates: The map interface should now show all locations, including the unsafe (PvP) ones.

Fixed an issue with Society tax: You sometimes couldn't see the land tax using the Society terminal (using the land area marker worked though). This is fixed.

Fixed an issue with Society attitudes: You should be able to once again change your official standing towards other societies.

Fixed an issue with death teleportation: If you pressed "No" in the interface, you no longer have to wait 60 seconds before pressing "T".

All tailored clothes show as "Uncolored" in the auction, even if they are colored.
If you are selling or buying an estate, make sure no activated and deployed shopkeepers and/or mannequins are present. They must be traded separately in a trade between the avatars. Else they may stop working.
The PED Card has issues when removing PECs.
You can't repair an item with attachments attached to it. You have to detach them prior to repairing.
The HoF shows old All time high hunting entries as "unknown" with regards to creature killed.

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