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Entropia Universe 11.1.0 Release Notes

03 Jun 2010, The 11.1.0 Release Notes contains information on the reimplemented Mindforce system and, below that, information on general improvements and fixed issues in this release.




This release should be seen as stage 1 in implementing the Mindforce system. This first step is the reimplementation which currently includes basic functions, some are same as before and some are changed and improved. With this as a base we plan on adding further aspects and functions to the Mindforce system at a later stage.

We introduce the new concept aspect: an aspect is an ability that you can use with the correct chip implanted.

The intention when implementing changes to the old Mindforce system is to make the new Mindforce aspects more compatible with current weapons when it comes to usability and economics. To do this the concentration period has been rebalanced and two additional Mind Essences are introduced. One of these Mind Essences has no market value and can be bought from the Trade Terminal.

A new parameter - Cooldown - is introduced to be able to balance various advanced Mindforce aspects better. Cooldown is explained more in detail in the section Cooldown below.

Professions, skills, chips and implants have been converted to new ones, specified further down in these notes.


Note: All converted items have kept their TT values.

Mindforce Profession Changes 
The existing professions related to Mindforce have been converted and new ones have been introduced to better suit the diversity and new progression possibilities within the Mindforce segment. The composition of the existing professions has been changed and now Mindforce skills contribute more to the profession level. Due to these changes the profession level has been changed and therefore, the profession level requirement for different aspects has been rebalanced to maintain similar performance as before. Names have also been changed for both skills and professions. For the name changes, see the Mindforce Profession Conversion list below.
Mindforce Chip Conversion
The old Mindforce chips have been converted according to the list below. Note that all TT values have been kept.

Changes have been made to deterioration to suite the introduction of the new types of Mind Essence and their values (see section below).

The new way of using the concentration period and the introduction of Cooldown means that some adjustments have been made, however, no changes have been made to any damage parameters.  For many simpler Mindforce chips this means reduction or total removal of the concentration period.

Mind Essence
Additional Mind Essence types have been introduced to match the increased variation of Mindforce aspects. Current mind essence types:
  • Synthetic Mind Essence, a new type of essence, that can be bought in the Trade Terminal.
  • Light Mind Essence, a new type of essence, refined from the new loot item Diluted Sweat and the energy matter Force Nexus.
  • Mind Essence, existing essence, refined from Vibrant Sweat (found when extracting sweat from creatures) and the energy matter Force Nexus.

In order to align the Mind Essence consumption with the system changes, the following changes have been made:

  • The Mind Essence value has been divided by 100: where you got 100 Mind Essence per PED before, you now get 10,000.
  • Mind Essence usage is multiplied by 100: if your Mind Essence was 7 before, it is 700 now
  • Everyone's amount of Mind Essence has been multiplied by 100: if you had 940 Mind Essences before, you now have 94,000.
Improved functions related to implant usage:
  • Chip profession level. Implants now support chip profession level instead of chip levels.
  • Simplified implant usage. Implant capability works in a new way and always starts from profession level zero and continues to the specific implant's maximum profession level. This makes the implants usage easier since you do not have to switch implants all the time.
  • Profession level check at equip. When a Mindforce chip is equipped the chip profession level is checked against implant profession level. The equip is valid if the implant profession level is higher than the chip's minimum profession level.
  • Insert implant. An implant is inserted with the Payn-Inc Implant Inserter by attaching the desired implant to the inserter and use the tool, just like when implanting a Skill implant. The Payn-Inc Implant Inserter can be found on the Mindforce tab in the Inventory.
  • Remove implant. Remove an inserted implant by using a Payn-Inc Implant Inserter with no implant attached.
New Mindforce Features
New features are included in the reimplemented Mindforce system.
Cooldown time is introduced. During cooldown time for one Mindforce chip, no chip in the same Chip Cooldown Group can be used. During the cooldown period it is still possible to unequip the chip and use other tools or chips that are not included in the same cooldown group. Cooldown group and time can be found in Items Info for the specific Mindforce chip.
Effect Over Time
Effect over time is introduced:
  • The Mindforce effect lasts for a given period of time. For your own avatar, this effect is displayed on your dashboard. On other avatars, you can see this effect displayed under the avatar status bar.
  • The effect over time can have different strength in influence. It is possible to override an existing effect over time by applying the same type of effect with a higher strength.
  • The counter for effect over time continues at log out and if any time is left at at next log in the effect is still valid. 
  • Effects over time are removed if an avatar dies.
Mindforce Aspects Adjustments and New Aspects
Some changes have been made in existing aspects and new ones are introduced.  
The Focus system is rewritten:
  • The Mindforce aspect Synchronization (former Focus) now protects against concentration disturbance over time instead of being a layered effect.
  • Concentration period interruption is changed. If you are hit by other avatars or mobs, the already aggregated concentration time will now be reduced by a certain amount. This amount is diminished if the caster has an active synchronization effect.
Regeneration Field (Area Heal)
Regeneration Field chips will heal avatars within a certain radius. If the healer is in a team, only those team members will be healed, but if the healer is not in a team everybody within the specific radius will be healed. Healing chip: Regeneration Field Chip.
Damage Strike (Area Damage)
Damage Strike chips will damage creatures and avatars within a certain radius. If the avatar inflicting damage is in a team, those team members will not be harmed by that damage. Damage chips: Electric Strike Chip, Combustive Strike Chip and Cryogenic Strike Chip.
Conversion of Mindforce Professions     
Biotropian -> Biotropic
Psychotropian (Dmg) -> Electro Kinetic (Dmg)
Psychotropian (Hit) -> Telepath, Electro Kinetic (Hit)
Reviver -> Biotropic
Pyrotropian (Dmg) -> Pyro Kinetic (Dmg)
Pyrotropian (Hit) -> Pyro Kinetic (Hit)
Teleporter -> Translocator


Note: The profession Reviver is removed. Revive is now treated as being part of profession Biotropic.

Conversion of Mindforce Skills    
Pyrotropy -> Pyrokinesis
Biotropy -> Bioregenesis
Psychtropy -> Electrokinesis, Telepathy and Translocation

All participants that had skills in Psychotropy will receive the same amount they had in Psychotropy in all 3 skills mentioned above.

Conversion of Existing Mindforce Chips
Old chips have been converted to new ones:
Note: All converted chips have kept their TT values.

Lesser Nerve Blast Chip -> First Gen Electric attack Chip I
Minor Nerve Blast Chip -> First Gen Electric attack Chip II
Medium Nerve Blast Chip -> First Gen Electric attack Chip III
Moderate Nerve Blast Chip -> First Gen Electric attack Chip IV
Good Nerve Blast Chip -> First Gen Electric attack Chip V
Potent Nerve Blast Chip ->First Gen Electric attack Chip VI
Strong Nerve Blast Chip ->First Gen Electric attack Chip VII
Powerful Nerve Blast Chip ->First Gen Electric attack Chip VIII

Moderate Firestorm Chip-> First Gen Firestorm Chip IV
Good Firestorm Chip-> First Gen Firestorm Chip V
Potent Firestorm Chip-> First Gen Firestorm Chip VI
Powerful Firestorm Chip-> First Gen Firestorm Chip VIII

Lesser Heal Chip -> Regeneration Chip I
Minor Heal Chip -> Regeneration Chip II
Medium Heal Chip -> Regeneration Chip III
Moderate Heal Chip -> Regeneration Chip IV
Good Heal Chip -> Regeneration Chip V
Potent Heal Chip -> Regeneration Chip VI
Strong Heal Chip -> Regeneration Chip VII
Powerful Heal Chip -> Regeneration Chip VIII

Minor Focus Chip -> Synchronization Chip II
Medium Focus Chip -> Synchronization Chip V
Moderate Focus Chip -> Synchronization Chip VIII
Good Focus Chip -> Synchronization Chip XI
Potent Focus Chip -> Synchronization Chip XIV

Lesser Teleport Chip -> Teleportation Chip I
Minor Teleport Chip -> Teleportation Chip II
Medium Teleport Chip -> Teleportation Chip III
Moderate Teleport Chip -> Teleportation Chip IV
Good Teleport Chip -> Teleportation Chip V
Potent Teleport Chip -> Teleportation Chip VI
Strong Teleport Chip -> Teleportation Chip VII
Powerful Teleport Chip -> Teleportation Chip VIII

Powerful Wormhole Chip -> Wormhole Chip VIII
Powerful Resurrection Chip ->Resurrect Chip VIII

Conversion of Existing Mindforce Implants
Old implants have been converted to new ones:


Note: All converted implants have kept their TT values.

NeoPsion Aa Mindforce Implant -> NeoPsion 10 Mindforce Implant
NeoPsion Ab Mindforce Implant -> NeoPsion 20 Mindforce Implant
NeoPsion Ac Mindforce Implant -> NeoPsion 20 Mindforce Implant
NeoPsion Ad Mindforce Implant -> NeoPsion 20 Mindforce Implant
NeoPsion Ae Mindforce Implant -> NeoPsion 30 Mindforce Implant
NeoPsion Af Mindforce Implant -> NeoPsion 20 Mindforce Implant
NeoPsion Ag Mindforce Implant -> NeoPsion 20 Mindforce Implant
NeoPsion Ba Mindforce Implant -> NeoPsion 20 Mindforce Implant
NeoPsion Bb Mindforce Implant -> NeoPsion 30 Mindforce Implant
NeoPsion Bc Mindforce Implant -> NeoPsion 50 Mindforce Implant
NeoPsion Bd Mindforce Implant -> NeoPsion 40 Mindforce Implant

New Mindforce Professions
New Mindforce professions:
  • Jammer. A profession for evading Mindforce attacks.
  • Cryogenic. A profession for controlling lower temperatures. New chips are included for this profession.
New Mindforce Skills
New Mindforce skills:
  • Jamming. A skill for evading Mindforce attacks.
  • Cryogenics. A skill for controlling lower temperatures.
  • The sound for footsteps on concrete is made softer.
  • Feffoid attacking sound is now triggered more seldom.
  • Feffoid collision sounds are changed.
  • Improved metal collision sound.
 Text and UI 
  • The Inventory now includes a Mindforce tab.
  • In the Inventory, skill implants have been moved from the Tools tab to the Mindforce tab.
  • Main chat window updated: the resize window button is moved to the bottom corner to the right and the scroll bar now has buttons enabling line by line scrolling.
  • Improved navigation in the map UI: dragging the map is now possible, enabling selection of all locations.
  • Added buttons to Hall of Fame scroll bar.
  • Added tooltips on buttons in Transfer Center UI.
  • Added tooltip on Profession level in Professions UI.

  • Adjusted paint can weights - all paint cans now weigh 0.01kg.
  • Fixed issue with getting stuck after revival.
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