Locations of everything that can be found in Entropia Universe. You can click on an item on the map or on "edit/view" in the chart to start editing. To add new items, use the "Add location" tab. Showing 569 of 56 locations.

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ContinentLonLatTypeNameDensityLand AreaDistance
Planet Arkadia1280021400Land Area 8 Coins North Fields 8 Coins North Fields740
Planet Arkadia850021400Land Area 8 Coins North Coast 8 Coins North Coast742
Planet Arkadia1229123384Teleport 8 Coins North Camp 880
Planet Arkadia1227323386Revival point   8CS - Region E895
Planet Arkadia1280019200Land Area 8 Coins Defiant Firebase Fields 8 Coins Defiant Firebase Fields1855
Planet Arkadia850016800Land Area 8 Coins South Coast 8 Coins South Coast1856
Planet Arkadia1330420768ResourceQuantium StoneMedium2062
Planet Arkadia1488823732CreatureScoria Mature to Old AlphaHigh2152
Planet Arkadia1470021400Land Area 8 Coins Prospectors Seclusion 8 Coins Prospectors Seclusion2211
Planet Arkadia1209220684Teleport 8 Coins HQ 8CS - Region G2282
Planet Arkadia1204720676Revival point   2307
Planet Arkadia1330025100CreatureOtorugi Young to GuardianHigh2328
Planet Arkadia1539223083Teleport 8 Coins Town 2459
Planet Arkadia1537923373Revival point   2497
Planet Arkadia1136820512Creature Enraged Scoria Old to GuardianHigh2780
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