Estate Area: Emerald Lakes Mall
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Type:Shopping Center
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These estates can be found in this Estate Area.

 Narfi Hungry Willem 12Edit
 70 213sEdit

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These shops can be found in this Estate Area.

NameTypeOwnerItemsExpiration periodBlock#Found On
 70' ShopShop 700Reset all itemsF213S 
 EL Mall F1 #1L - KikkiJikki DefenseShop Kikki KJ Jikki0Reset all itemsF11LPlanet Calypso
 EL Mall F1 #2S - Peanut's BazaarShop Peanut DeadlyPeanut Hall0Reset all itemsF12SPlanet Calypso
 EL Mall F1 #3S - Shop CyreneShop kyiel kjellings hastings0Reset all itemsF13SPlanet Calypso
 EL Mall F1 #4L - GloryHound ThoughtsShop Warden Coz Coz0Reset all itemsF14LPlanet Calypso
 EL Mall F1 #5LShop Daniel Oxid Berit0Reset all itemsF15LPlanet Calypso
 EL Mall F1 #7S - Lady Lustreal's EmporiumShop Lady Lustreal Dremer0Reset all itemsF17SPlanet Calypso
 EL Mall F1 #8S - Lady Lustreal's EmporiumShop Lady Lustreal Dremer0Reset all itemsF18SPlanet Calypso
 EL Mall F1 #11L - Armory ShopShop gaetan J4ck3ss cochet0Reset all itemsF111LPlanet Calypso
 EL Mall F1 #13S - Enhancer ShopShop Michael geats Platzgummer0Reset all itemsF113SPlanet Calypso
 EL Mall F1 #14L - Summer's Fashion DesignsShop Alkesh Summer Vallan0Reset all itemsF114LPlanet Calypso
 EL Mall F2 #1LShop Radiance Rad Luminosity0Reset all itemsF21LPlanet Calypso
 EL Mall F2 #3SShop Earl Von Kippler0Reset all itemsF23SPlanet Calypso
 EL Mall F2 #4L - Blueprins and moreShop celia penats krok0Reset all itemsF24LPlanet Calypso
 EL Mall F2 #5L - Materials & ComponentsShop iulrorck bark abaddon0Reset all itemsF25LPlanet Calypso
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