Planet: Planet Toulan
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Planetary system:Planet Toulan
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Version Updates

Planet Toulan 2015.4.115-12-2015New PetEdit
Planet Toulan 2014.409-12-2014New loots, blueprints. FixesEdit
Planet Toulan 2015.408-12-2015daily missions, new lootEdit
Planet Toulan 2015.3.203-11-2015Bug FixEdit
Planet Toulan 2014.315-10-2014Tabtab puny, new content, fixesEdit
Planet Toulan 2015.3.130-09-2015Various fixesEdit
Planet Toulan 2015.322-09-2015New tabtab wave spawner and beginner experience quest chain, new weapons, armor, mob loot, quwa challenges, added whips and MF itemsEdit
Planet Toulan 2014.2.101-07-2014Bug FixEdit
Planet Toulan 2015.2.230-06-2015Bug FixEdit
Planet Toulan 2015.2.124-06-2015Bug FixEdit
Planet Toulan 2014.224-06-2014Mohkat, New clothes and texturesEdit
Planet Toulan 2015.215-06-2015Quwa Challanges, new lootEdit
Planet Toulan 2014.1.126-03-2014Bug FixEdit
Planet Toulan 2015.1.124-03-2015Bug FixEdit
Planet Toulan 2016.1.123-03-2016Bug FixEdit
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