Mission Broker: Mazeweaver Rayen
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Name:Mazeweaver Rayen
Nearest City:Turrelion Docks

You need to talk to Mazeweaver Rayen to enable the following missions


Mazeweaver: Fix the Burrow (Daily)

Mazeweaver: Maze Blitz (Daily)

Mazeweaver: Rat Race (Daily)

Mazeweaver: Vlad the Unraveler (Daily)


once they are unlocked they all can be run daily but it will take a few days to unlocked them all

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PlanetNameObjectiveRepeatableRewardReward SkillsNearest CityRequired MissionAdded
Planet CyreneWhat are you going to find in the mazeTalk to Mazeweaver Rayen to get a daily seek missionYesDaily Mission for the maze Turrelion Docks

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