Mission Brokers
Mission brokers are ingame NPCs where you can start missions. To add the coordinates in the chart, go to the map, click on the "Add location" tab, select "Mission Broker" in the type field, and select the correct name. You can either enter the coordinates manually or choose the location by dragging the icon on the map. Showing 535 of 56 items.
Name on mapNameNearest CityLongitudeLatitude
 0574-Samuel0574-SamuelCrystal Resort13731983240
 1314-Mary1314-MaryCrystal Resort13734683235
 2922-Fyodor2922-FyodorCrystal Resort13737783285
"Sweaty" George"Sweaty" GeorgePort Atlantis6196676182
A.R.C. Ambassador RavensloftA.R.C. Ambassador RavensloftA.R.C. Immigration - Zyn13836377684
 A.R.C. Bridge OfficerA.R.C. Bridge Officer  
A.R.C. Challenger DaneA.R.C. Challenger Dane13886977128
 A.R.C. Challenger DavisA.R.C. Challenger DavisA.R.C. Staging13883277120
 A.R.C. Challenger FranksA.R.C. Challenger Franks  
A.R.C. Challenger KobeA.R.C. Challenger Kobe13886977132
 A.R.C. Challenger NellarA.R.C. Challenger Nellar  
A.R.C. Challenger ReanA.R.C. Challenger Rean13886977131
A.R.C. EnvoyARC Envoy13877877660
A.R.C. Faction Mission TerminalsA.R.C. Faction Mission TerminalsTans'Ta'Oh13329974878
 A.R.C. Researcher ZoidA.R.C. Researcher Zoid0x101 Supply Depot13850177292
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