Mission Broker: Executor Andre
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Name:Executor Andre
Nearest City:0x101 Supply Depot
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PlanetNameObjectiveRepeatableRewardReward SkillsNearest CityRequired MissionAdded
Planet Cyrene20,000 Crystal Pede WeeklyEarn 20,000 Crystal Pede KillpointsYesAim (eq. ##.## PED implant)Aim0x101 Supply DepotA.R.C. Challenge - 50,000 Crystal Pede pointsCyrene VU - 30-05-17
Planet Cyrene20,000 Dire Weed/Plant WeeklyEarn 20,000 Dire Weed KillpointsYesLaser Weaponry Technology (eq. ##.## PED implant)Laser Weaponry Technology0x101 Supply DepotA.R.C. Challenge - 50,000 Dire WeedsCyrene VU - 30-05-17
Planet Cyrene20,000 Imperium Pilot WeeklyEarn 20,000 Imperium Pilot KillpointsYes  0x101 Supply DepotField Detail - Rank 5Cyrene VU - 30-05-17
Planet Cyrene20,000 Imperium WeeklyEarn 20,000 Imperium Vets, Grunts or Scouts KillpointsYes  0x101 Supply DepotImperium Killer - Rank 5Cyrene VU - 30-05-17
Planet Cyrene20,000 Mang Chang WeeklyEarn 20,000 Mang Chang KillpointsYesBravado (eq. ##.## PED implant)Bravado0x101 Supply DepotThe Heart of the Plains - Rank 5Cyrene VU - 30-05-17
Planet Cyrene20,000 Nimet WeeklyEarn 20,000 Nimet KillpointsYesCombat Reflexes (eq. 21-22 PED implant)Combat Reflexes0x101 Supply DepotThe Nimet Hunter - Rank 6Cyrene VU - 30-05-17
Planet Cyrene20,000 Paneleons WeeklyEarn 20,000 Paneleon KillpointsYesInflict Ranged Damage (eq. 25.15 PED implant)Inflict Ranged Damage0x101 Supply DepotA.R.C. Challenge - 9000 Old Alpha PaneleonsCyrene VU - 30-05-17
Planet Cyrene20,000 Rhino Beetle WeeklyEarn 20,000 Rhino Beetle KillpointsYes  0x101 Supply DepotRhino Rampage - Rank 5Cyrene VU - 30-05-17
Planet Cyrene20,000 Swamp Lurker WeeklyEarn 20,000 Swamp Lurker KillpointsYesBLP Weapon Technology (eq. ##.## PED implant)BLP Weaponry Technology0x101 Supply DepotA.R.C. Challenge - 9000 Swamp LurkersCyrene VU - 30-05-17
Planet Cyrene20,000 Tide Claw WeeklyEarn 20,000 Tide Claw KillpointsYes  0x101 Supply DepotA.R.C. Challenge - 50,000 Tide Claws pointsCyrene VU - 30-05-17

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