Mission: The Daily Miner Category 1 (Daily)
Specifications                  [Edit]
Planet:Planet Calypso
Reward:1 or 2 Daily Token
Mission Broker
Mission Broker:Daily Mission Terminal

The Daily Mission Terminal missions can be received again 16 hours after being received.


Possible Objectives


200 Magerian Mist
263 Lytairian Dust
294 Caldorite Stone

313 Copper Stone
333 Cumbriz Stone
333 Typonolic Steam


385 Iron Stone


417 Frigulite Stone

500 Zinc Stone

500 Garcen Grease

625 Narcanisum Stone

1000 Alicenies Liquid
1250 Blausariam Stone

2500 Belkar Stone

2500 Melchi Water


2500 Lysterium Stone and Crude Oil (bonus - gives 20 Daily Tokens)


5000 Force Nexus
5000 Lysterium Stone

5000 Crude Oil



It seems minerals with unit TT value of 0.10 PED or less (lysterium to zinc) yield 1 token, while those with unit TT value of 0.12 PED or more (frigulite and up) yield 2 tokens. //Haruto

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