Mission: The Chief's Request
Specifications                  [Edit]
Planet:Planet Cyrene
Mission Chain:Repeatable (Cyrene)
Objective:Kill 100 Zyn'Dos
Reward:40 Cyrene Mission Token
Mission Broker
Mission Broker:Zyn'Kimbro Chieftain Koban
Nearest City:A.R.C. Immigration - Zyn


The Chief of the Zyn'Kimbro wants to cleanse the land of corrupt Zyn...

  • Head to the corrupt village


Zyn'Kimbro Chieftain Koban (128460, 79601)
Hail <Full Name>!

I am Zyn'Kimbro Chieftain Koban!

I assume you are here to curry favor with my people? If that is indeed true, then there is only one thing you must do.

There is a Zyn Village southwest of here, but they are corrupted by a mysteriums force, they can NOT be saved. They are savages!

Kill 100 of their rank and return to me, and I shall reward you 20 Zyn'Kimbro Token!
  • For the Zyn'Kimbro! I accept!
  • I can not, in good faith, cull an entire village.

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