Mission: The AI War
Specifications                  [Edit]
Objective:Kill 40 AI
Reward:Presidential 2 PED Credit Card, Presidential Pay Stub, 10000 Cheap A$$ Ammo
Mission Broker
Mission Broker:Presidential Recruiter
Nearest City:CND Lagoon

Talk to the Presidential Recruiter [136227, 85007, 238] - Club Neverdie.


Excellent. It looks like you have everything you need to help fight the AI. So here is the current situation.


Our government intelligence has discovered that AI are infecting our very existence. They come to our planet, take over the bodies of avatars and attempt to blend in seamlessly with their surroundings.


As a result they are destroying our economy. Under presidential order we are permitted to exterminate these threats to national security.




If you look above you will notice that we have our detector drones deployed in the area.


These drones have the ability to detect AI and will paint them as targets if they happen to infect anyone within their search radius.


You job is to wait for any signs of the AI and the destroy it.




The president has put aside funding for this project which means that you will actually get paid for every AI you destroy.


All you have to do is make the daily quota and return to me after you've completed and I will be authorized to hand out your wage.




I'm glad to hear you're ready for the job. A few pointers to keep in mind. Only use your AI hunter Pistol on AI. Otherwise you'll run out of ammo and your pistol might break before you make your quota.


Good luck.






On completion of the 40 kills, return to the Presidential Recruiter:


Excellent Work. It seems everything is in order here.


Take this prepaid credit card worth 2 PED. In addition we have noted in your file that you are owed an additional 20 ROCK Bucks upon completing a years worth of work.


Everytime you meet your daily quota you'll be one step closer to getting your additional yearly pay out.


At the end of the year all these extra ROCK Bucks that is being added to your file will be given to you.


In addition here's 1 PED of Ammo for tomorrows hunt. Come see me in 24hrs and I'll give you your daily quota!


Keep up the good work and I'll see you tomorrow.



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