Mission: Iron Challenge: 50 Eomon
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Planet:Planet Calypso
Mission Chain:Iron Challenge Eomon
Objective:Kill 50 Eomon
Reward:Evade (eq. 0.70 PED implant) or Dodge (eq. 0.70 PED implant) or Support Weapon Systems (eq. 0.70 PED implant)
Reward Skills:Dodge
Support Weapon Systems
Mission Broker
Mission Broker:Nikki Von Han Iron Challenge Mission Broker
Nearest City:Nymphtown



Iron Challenge: 50 Eomon

CFA hosts a series of Iron Challenges. This stage of the Eomon Iron Challenge is to kill 50 Eomon.



  • Kill 50 Eomon
    • 0 of 50
    • Return to Nikki von Han


Mission Chain

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Iron Challenge Mission Broker, Nymphtown

Nikki von Han:

Good evening, Colonist. Let me introduce myself. My name is Nikki von Han and I am a member of CFA. We are hosting a series of hunting challenges, where participants hunt certain creatures. I am hosting the Eomon challenge. Although they can only be found during their migration periods, we register participants at any time.


The first part of the Eomon challenge is to hunt 50 of them.


  • CFA?
  • I'm interested
  • No.



If you choose ' CFA?':

Calypso Firearms Association. We protect your right to bear arms without restrictions. And that includes licenses and regulations.


  • I see. Well, sign me up for the challenge.
  • Sorry, not inrterested.


    If you choose 'I see. Well, sign me up for the challenge':

    Thanks. You can find instructions in your quest log.

    • Close

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