Mission: Iron Challenge: 1000 Armax
Specifications                  [Edit]
Planet:Planet Calypso
Mission Chain:Iron Challenge Armax
Objective:Kill 1000 Armax Cow/Armax Bull
Reward:Inflict Melee Damage (eq. 1.71 PED implant) or Inflict Ranged Damage (eq. 1.71 PED implant)
Mission Broker
Mission Broker:Nina Colombus Iron Challenge Mission Broker
Nearest City:Minopolis
Required Mission:Iron Challenge: 500 Armax



 Iron Challenge: 1,000 Armax


CFA hosts a series of Iron Challenges. This stage of the Armax Iron Challenge is to Kill 1,000 Armax.



  • Kill 1,000 Armax
    • 0 of 1,000
  • Return to Nina Colombus 

Mission Chain

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Iron Challenge Mission Broker, Minopolis

Nina Colombus:

Hey, doesn't it hurt when they trample you? It's a good thing that we have rifles. Anyway, the next stage of the challenge is to kill 1,000 Armax.

Are you up for it? 


  • All right!
  • How will all this killing help CFA?
  • I have other things to do.



If you choose 'How will all this killing help CFA?':

Nina Colombus:

The more colonists that can use weapons, the more supporters to our cause. It also proves the difference of a single colonist with a gun.

Bellieve me: we need it. A storm is coming! I can feel it! The clock is ticking!


  • Okay, I'm up for the hunt. 1,000 Armax, you sald?
  • If the clock is ticking, I have better things to do.


If you choose 'All right!' or 'Okay, I'm up for the hunt. 1,000 Armax, you sald?':

Thanks. You can find instructions in your quest log.

  • Close

Return :

Nina Colombus:


 You show some skill.

Why stop here? Let's go on!



  • I love doing this!
  • I need some rest.

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