Mission: Getting Slimed
Specifications                  [Edit]
Planet:Planet Cyrene
Mission Chain:Repeatable (Cyrene)
Objective:Kill 20 Bile Jellyworms
Reward:2 Cyrene Mission Token
Mission Broker
Mission Broker:Captain Wrigley
Nearest City:A.R.C. Immigration - Zyn


Captain Wrigley wants you to go to the river near by and eradicate 20 slimes that might be causing contamination to the Zyn'Kimbro lands.

  • To the river
  • Kill 20 Bile Jellyworms (0/20)
  • Back to the Captain


Captain Wrigley (128647 79696)
Hey, <Nickname>!

I need a favor, the Zyn'Kimbro Chief wants me to go down to the river and check for contamination from the Bile Jellyworms there. I'm not going to.

Can you just go down there and kill 20 of them so I can say it's all cleared up? It might take 2 or 3 times to really "disinfect" it you know?

I can give you one of the tokens they gave me as a sign of good will, a Zyn'Kimbro Token.
  • Fine, but I'm doing it for the reward!
  • Gross, pass.

On return to Captain Wrigley after killing 20 Bile Jellyworms:
You finished <Nickname>? Here take this Zyn'Kimbro Token. You're welcome.

Come check tomorrow, make sure it's all squared.

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