Mission: Bronze Atrox Challenge
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Planet:Planet Calypso
Mission Chain:Iron Challenge Atrox
Objective:Kill 10000 Atrox of Old maturity or higher
Reward:Stamina (100 Tokens) and Explosive Projectile Weaponry Technology (eq. 54.58 PED implant) or Stamina (100 Tokens) and Athletics (eq. 54.58 PED implant) or Stamina (100 Tokens) and Courage (eq. 54.58 PED implant) or Stamina (100 Tokens) and First Aid (eq. 27.29 PED implant) or Explosive Projectile Weaponry Technology (eq. 71.25 PED implant) or Athletics (eq. 71.25 PED implant) or Courage (eq. 71.25 PED implant) or First Aid (eq. 35.63 PED implant)
Mission Broker
Mission Broker:Albert Iron Challenge Mission Broker
Nearest City:Fort Ithaca
Required Mission:Iron Challenge: 10000 Atrox



 Bronze Atrox Challenge


CFA hosts a series of Bronze Challenges. The Atrox Bronze Challenge is to Kill 10,000 Atrox of maturity Old or higher.



  • Kill 10,000 Atrox
    • 0 of 10,000
  • Return to Albert



Mission Chain

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