Mission: Iron Challenge: 100 Atrox
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Planet:Planet Calypso
Mission Chain:Iron Challenge Atrox
Objective:Kill 100 Atrox
Reward:Evade (eq. 0.31 PED implant) or Dodge (eq. 0.31 PED implant) or Support Weapon Systems (eq. 0.31 PED implant)
Mission Broker
Mission Broker:Albert Iron Challenge Mission Broker
Nearest City:Fort Ithaca
Required Mission:Scout the Island



 Iron Challenge: 100 Atrox


CFA hosts a series of Iron Challenges. This stage of the Atrox Iron Challenge is to Kill 100 Atrox.



  • Kill 100 Atrox
    • 0 of 100
  • Return to Albert


Mission Chain

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Iron Challenge Mission Broker (Albert)

"The CFA hosts an Iron Challenge.  The game is Atrox and its played in rounds.  In the first round, we want you to shoot a hundred of them. When you've done that, you get a nice little reward and a pat on the head.


Remember, CFA want you to shoot the stumpy beasts.  No stabbing, poking, wrestling or poisoning.  Is tha absolutely crystal clear?"


  • CFA?
  • Its is as clear as the summer sun. I'm on it!
  • Thanks but no.


If you choose "CFA?":

"Where have you been ?! It's Calypso Firearms Association!   We protect your individual rights to bear arms and shoot things without worrying about licences and regulations.


And yes, we're needed.  You may have noticed that for instance the Wastelanders does (sic) does not care about the controller chips that stops you from shooting other peoples unless you're in specially designated or contaminated areas?


And it may even get worse.  There's talk about legislation agains weapons and ammo back on Earth, not that Calypso is getting "civilised".  I'll tell you what it is, pal.  It's control.  They dont want us to do something stupid, like demand independence.


So we want a level playing field.  We want you to make the call if you have to shoot the marauding Wastelanders or not, because when you have to, there wont be time to ask the armchair warriors on Earth for permission.


And in order to raise awareness about the issue, we host this Iron Challenge.  One hundred Atrox in the first round.  You in or not?"


  • I'll do it.
  • Not interested.


If you choose "It's is as clear as the summer sun. I'm on it!", or "I'll do it." :

"Thanks.  You can find instructions in your quest log."


On completing mission:

Not bad. 100 dead smelly things.  The air already feels clearer.  Are you ready for round two?


  • Sure
  • Not interested.


On accepting 'Sure", receive 1 Strength point.

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