Mission: To Nus Lull
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Planet:Planet Calypso
Objective:Travel To Nus Lull
Reward:Anatomy (eq. 0.01 PED implant)
Mission Broker
Mission Broker:Broska
Nearest City:Camp Icarus
Added:Planet Calypso 2013.1


Make your way to Nus Lull and see if you can get some work from the scientists there.

  • Travel to Nus Lull


Broska (66220,74427 Camp Icarus)
You! Tired of the mindlessness of this military camp? There's a scientific outpost north of here that needs a bit of help, Nus Lull.
  • Help with what?
Meh, it's real easy. The guys working there are usually too busy with their experiments. Need someone to do the simple stuff. You've got arms, you're qualified. Let me mark the place on your SatNav, just in case.
  • All right, I'll do it.

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