Mission: IFN Challenge - Halix Stage 5
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Planet:Planet Arkadia
Mission Chain:IFN Halix
Objective:Kill 12000 Halix
Reward:Combat Reflexes (eq. 5.25 PED implant) or Heavy Melee Weapons (eq. 5.25 PED implant) or Rifle (eq. 5.25 PED implant)
Reward Skills:Combat Reflexes
Heavy Melee Weapons
Mission Broker
Mission Broker:IFN Terminal
Required Mission:IFN Challenge - Halix Stage 4


IFN Challenge - Halix

Help the IFN by culling Halix.



  • Kill Halix
    • 0 of 12000
  • Return to any IFN Challenge Terminal for your reward


Mission Chain

IFN Challenge - Halix Stage 1
Kill 75 Halix
Reward: Longblades (eq. 0.03 PED value)
IFN Challenge - Halix Stage 2
Kill 400 Halix
Reward: Aim (eq. 0.18 PED value)
IFN Challenge - Halix Stage 3
Kill 1200 Halix
Reward: Combat Reflexes (eq. 0.53 PED value)
IFN Challenge - Halix Stage 4
Kill 4800 Halix
Reward: Halix Trophy Head +
BLP Weaponry Technology (eq. 2.10 PED value) OR
Handgun (eq. 2.10 PED value)
IFN Challenge - Halix Stage 5
Kill 12000 Halix
Reward: Combat Reflexes (eq. 5.25 PED value) OR
Heavy Melee Weapons (eq. 5.25 PED value) OR
Rifle (eq. 5.25 PED value)
IFN Killpoint Challenge - Halix Stage 6 (Repeatable)
Objective: Kill Halix worth 60000 kill points
Reward: Halix Figurine +
Weapons Handling (eq. 7.13 PED value)




Old Rewards

Rewards before VU12.8:

  • Stage 1: Unknown
  • Stage 2: Unknown
  • Stage 3: Unknown
  • Stage 4: Unknown
  • Stage 5: Unknown

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