Mission: Transport info and goods
Specifications                  [Edit]
Planet:Planet Calypso
Objective:Go to the Exploration Camp
Reward:30 Combat Token
Mission Broker
Mission Broker:Sergeant Conrad Christmas
Required Mission:Steal from the miners
Added:Planet Calypso 2011.3



I had already completed the "Stealing from the Miners" mission but when I clicked on the broker, he would not release the "Transport info & goods" mission to me.


I then tried completing missions from the brokers nearby, going back and forth to Conrad until it was released. Unfortunately, I didn't go back between the "Something Fishy", "The Allophyls" and "Clear the area" so I'm not sure which one, if not all was/are the prerequisite(s)


Therefore, if  the broker won't give you this mission, you may need to  complete  the "Clear the area" mission first. It's also possible that you may also  need to have completed the "Something Fishy" mission and/or "The Allophyls".


Mako: Actually, i did all of those missions and they ain't it. You have to do "Mysterious Rock" which send you to Sergeant Conrad Christmas, which in turn have you bring the data from Mysterious rock and the robot mining operation to the exploration camp. Please edit this page into something more tidy once confirmed.




Second prerequisite: "Help clear the area"

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