Mission: The Enigma Keys (Stage 1)
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Planet:Planet Calypso
Mission Chain:The Enigma Keys
Objective:Collect ED-5 Fragments, Solve Enigma Puzzle
Reward:Neurobiotic Booster A5 5mg, Karona's Extender P20 (L)
Mission Broker
Mission Broker:Karona Cinquanto
Nearest City:Port Atlantis

Hello?! Oh, perhaps you can help me! My rich uncle Eduardo finds it amusing to give my brothers and I intricate puzzles (he calls them 'enigmas') awarding a prize to whomever solves them first.


Last year he must have completely lost it, becuse he said he'd give the winner half his fortune. What a kook, eh? Ha ha!


Anyway, you help me solve his enigmas and I'll give you something in return. Interested?


Mission Rewards:

1 x Neurobiotic Booster A5 5mg

1 x Karona's Extender P20 (L)




My uncle spent years designing holographic environments with incredibly strong bio-locks and spreading the corresponding ED-5 key fragments all over Calypso.


The task is to find enough fragments to reform the ED-5 key, unlock the portal gate and solve the puzzle within. Three keys, three portals, three enigmas.


First sibling to solve all three enigmas wins the fortune.


Thing is, I can't find any fragments. Maybe you'll have better luck? I'll make it worth your while! Are we agreed?




Crazy uncle Eduardo put those ED-5 fragments eveywhere.


He buried them deep underground, fed them to creatures and fused them with raw crafting materials -- then he gave us a list of what creatures and materials would lead us to a fragment.


So you can hunt and mine to get the fragments.


If you've just arrived here on Calypso I recommend you pick up a Starter Pack: they contain weapons, armor, ammo and supplies!

Check out



Now, let's look at the list.



Possible tasks:

Karona's Mining Task (Stage 1)
Karona's Hunting Task (Stage 1)


After 8 tasks are completed an ED-5 Grade 1 Key is obtained and can be then used to enter a cave (63140, 74745) containing a puzzle.


Warning: you can't see some crucial parts of the puzzle in graphics Safe Mode!

Solution to puzzle (Spoilers)

Next stage: The Enigma Keys (Stage 2)

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