Creature Loots
Loots from creatures. For details about loot frequency, check the Loot Frequency Ranks chart.
Warning: Some loots may be false and there is no way to prove actual loots. Many items drop very very seldom and there is no guarantee that you will get the item no matter how long you hunt for it. Items with no or old VU in the "Last VU" column are very unlikely to drop. Showing 3331 of 56 items.
CreatureTypeItemFrequencyMaturityLast VU
Grand FormidonWeaponIsis LR59 (L)UnknownYoung9.4.4
CaudatergusWeaponRiker UL2Extremely rare 
ChirpyWeaponIsis LR53 (L)Extremely rareMutated
UmbranoidWeapon AttachmentBoom BCC (L)Uncommon 
FrescoqudaWeaponSkilDek Anaconda (L)RareYoung
EomonWeaponFreanD Beta BLP PistolRare 
Atrox (Calypso)WeaponOmegaton M2910Extremely rare 
FormidonWeaponEWE EP-33 Ultra EnforcerExtremely rare 
SabakumaWeaponEmik S30 (L)UnknownCreeper
Beacon MissionWeaponEWE EP-11 Self-ReliantCommon 
CornundacaudaWeaponVAT-110Extremely rare 
Mulaak'fWeaponIsis HL14Extremely rareBandit
DrokaWeaponEmik X5 (L)RareGen 10
PrancerWeaponA&P Series HeroUnknownOld Alpha
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