Tools: Armor Adviser

With this tool you can calculate the decay, damage and efficiency of all armor and plate combinations at once, given certain damage criteria. Select a creature and maturity to load damage types and press Apply. The damage types are often estimates, when you have more accurate data available you can enter it in the Maturity Levels Chart. The Dummy armor is just any armor that does not protect at all against the current damage types. You can also filter specific armors and plates by adding them in the lists. These lists can be stored so you can reload them every time you visit this page. By default all armors and plates are shown. The efficiency column takes all factors in consideration, and makes an estimate on how the armor will perform. The higher the value the better, although the value itself doesn't have any meaning.

Creature: Maturity: Stab: Cut: Impact:
Armor: Plate: Penetration: Shrapnel: Burn:
Cold: Acid: Electric:
Total Damage: Desired average damage:
Armor: Plate:

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