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 NameTypeValueMarkupRefines ToAmountSourceFound on
Animal Adrenal OilAnimal Oils0.2101.00%Alien Biogenic Gel500LootedPlanet Calypso
Animal Brain OilAnimal Oils19115.79%  LootedPlanet Calypso
Animal Eye OilAnimal Oils0.05102.00%  LootedEntropia Universe
Animal Heart OilAnimal Oils10109.10%  LootedPlanet Calypso
Animal Kidney OilAnimal Oils2100.90%  LootedPlanet Calypso
Animal Liver OilAnimal Oils1100.60%  LootedPlanet Calypso
Animal Muscle OilAnimal Oils0.03102.45%Solares Ingot8,8,8LootedPlanet Arkadia, Planet Calypso, ROCKtropia
Animal Oil ResidueResidue0.01100.50%  Looted,CraftingPlanet Arkadia, Planet Calypso, ROCKtropia
Animal Pancreas OilAnimal Oils0.5100.80%  LootedPlanet Calypso
Animal Spleen OilAnimal Oils5102.90%  LootedPlanet Calypso
Animal Thyroid OilAnimal Oils0.1100.40%Chalinum Alloy, Galaurphite Ingot2,2,6,6LootedPlanet Calypso, ROCKtropia
Antimagnetic OilRefined Enmatter2111.00%  Refined 
Basic CoilMechanical Component0.03130.34%  CraftedPlanet Calypso, ROCKtropia
Crude OilEnmatter0.01105.00%Chalinum Alloy, Oil39,2Looted, Mined, FoundEntropia Universe
Diluted Body OilAnimal Oils0.05 Component Grease3LootedPlanet Cyrene
Durable CoilMechanical Component0.066   CraftedEntropia Universe
Fish Oil 0.03    Planet Cyrene
GEC Coil Springs 1MMechanical Component0.9   CraftedEntropia Universe
GEC Coil Springs 2MMechanical Component1.21000.00%  CraftedEntropia Universe
Hardened FoilMetal Component0.033150.00%  CraftedEntropia Universe
Marcimex Brain OilNatural Materials11500.00%  LootedPlanet Calypso
Muscle Oil Compound BMaterial0.02   CraftedPlanet Cyrene
OilRefined Enmatter0.02104.35%  Refined, LootedEntropia Universe
Oiled Arkace BoardsWood Component0.3   CraftedPlanet Arkadia
Oiled Corria BoardsWood Component0.5   CraftedPlanet Arkadia
Oiled Hekia BoardsWood Component0.4   CraftedPlanet Arkadia
Oiled Miluca BoardsWood Component0.2   CraftedPlanet Arkadia
Pure Body OilMaterial0.1   LootedPlanet Cyrene
Recoil StabiliserMechanical Component2.5   CraftedPlanet Arkadia
Swamp Lurker OilAnimal Oils0.03 Lurker Lube2LootedPlanet Cyrene
Vixen Android Oil FilterRobot Parts0.12110.00%  LootedROCKtropia
Zolphic OilEnmatter0.04 Zolphic Grease2Mined, LootedPlanet Arkadia

Blueprint Drops

 Blueprint Looted BlueprintLast VUFrequencyUpdate 
Basic Coil BlueprintBasic Auxiliary Socket Blueprint15.11.3CommonLast VUEdit
Basic Coil Blueprint15.5.2 Last VUEdit
Basic Engine Blueprint15.5.2 Last VUEdit
Basic Filters Blueprint10.7.1 Last VUEdit
Basic Nuts Blueprint9.4.4 Last VUEdit
Basic Power System Blueprint15.5.2 Last VUEdit
Basic Processor Blueprint15.5.2 Last VUEdit
Basic Pump Blueprint15.5.2 Last VUEdit
Basic Rings Blueprint15.5.2 Last VUEdit
Basic Servo Blueprint15.5.2 Last VUEdit
Basic Structure Blueprint15.5.2 Last VUEdit
Basic Tube Blueprint15.5.2 Last VUEdit
Basic Wires Blueprint15.5.2 Last VUEdit
Hardened Metal Mountings Blueprint15.5.2 Last VUEdit
Simple 1 Conductors Blueprint15.11.3UnknownLast VUEdit
Solar 6V Gel Batteries Blueprint10.8.4 Last VUEdit
Standard Damper Blueprint15.5.3UncommonLast VUEdit
Standard Matrix Blueprint Adjusted (L)15.5.2 Last VUEdit
Super Alloy Plating Blueprint15.5.2 Last VUEdit
Super Alloy Ruds Blueprint15.5.2UnknownLast VUEdit
Welding Wire Blueprint (L)15.5.2 Last VUEdit
Hardened Foil BlueprintHeavy Duty Joints Blueprint12.5.3UnknownLast VUEdit
Reinforced Rod Blueprint10.0.14 Last VUEdit
Triphased Intelligence Module Blueprint10.0.14 Last VUEdit
Triphased Wires Blueprint10.0.14 Last VUEdit
Muscle Oil Compound B BlueprintBasic Bearings Blueprint17.5.1CommonLast VUEdit
Basic Sensor Blueprint17.4.2CommonLast VUEdit
Oiled Arkace Board BlueprintKitchen Bar Blueprint (L)12.6.4Extremely rareLast VUEdit
Nallo Ceiling Lamp Blueprint Last VUEdit
Oiled Corria Board Blueprint Last VUEdit
Reon-T Screen (PC) Blueprint (L) Last VUEdit
Retail Counter 1.8 Blueprint12.0.3UnknownLast VUEdit
Tatami Blueprint (L)12.5.3Extremely rareLast VUEdit
Uwasa Lamp Blueprint (L) Last VUEdit
Visique Sign (PC) Blueprint (L)12.0.3UnknownLast VUEdit
Xlite-S Screen (PC) Blueprint (L)12.5.3Extremely rareLast VUEdit
Oiled Corria Board BlueprintCurved Retail Counter Blueprint Last VUEdit
Nallo Ceiling Lamp Blueprint12.5.3Very oftenLast VUEdit
Oiled Corria Board Blueprint12.5.3Very oftenLast VUEdit
Oiled Miluca Board Blueprint12.5.3Very oftenLast VUEdit
Oiled Miluca Board BlueprintBend Blueprint (L)17.0.5UncommonLast VUEdit
Chirpy Statue Blueprint (L)15.17.0UncommonLast VUEdit
 Corner Retail Counter (C) Blueprint17.0.5UnknownLast VUEdit
Dining Table Blueprint12.2.0RareLast VUEdit
Elique Sign (PC) Blueprint (L)17.0.5UnknownLast VUEdit
Kachi Table Blueprint (L)17.0.5UncommonLast VUEdit
Large Plug Blueprint12.5.2CommonLast VUEdit
Nallo Ceiling Lamp Blueprint15.16.3CommonLast VUEdit
Oiled Arkace Board Blueprint12.2.1UnknownLast VUEdit
Oiled Corria Board Blueprint17.0.5UnknownLast VUEdit
Opto Display (PC) Blueprint (L)12.5.2UnknownLast VUEdit
Opto Screen Blueprint (L)17.0.5UnknownLast VUEdit
Outdoor Wicker Chair Blueprint17.0.5UnknownLast VUEdit
Outdoor Wicker Table Blueprint14.6.2.1 Last VUEdit
Patio Chair Blueprint17.0.5UncommonLast VUEdit
Plasma Screen (PC) Blueprint (L)17.0.5UnknownLast VUEdit
Reon-S Display (PC) Blueprint (L)17.0.5UnknownLast VUEdit
Reon-T Screen (PC) Blueprint (L)15.16.3UncommonLast VUEdit
Reon-T Sign (PC) Blueprint (L)12.5.2UnknownLast VUEdit
Reon-W Display (PC) Blueprint (L)15.16.3UncommonLast VUEdit
Reon-W Sign (PC) Blueprint (L)12.5.2UnknownLast VUEdit
Saisho Lamp Blueprint (L)17.0.5UncommonLast VUEdit
Shoji With Door Blueprint (L)12.2.1UnknownLast VUEdit
Small Plugs Blueprint15.17.0CommonLast VUEdit
Tall Corner Retail Counter Blueprint12.2.0UnknownLast VUEdit
Uwasa Lamp Blueprint (L)12.5.2RareLast VUEdit
Xlite-S Display (PC) Blueprint (L)15.16.3UncommonLast VUEdit
Xlite-S Sign (PC) Blueprint (L)12.5.2UnknownLast VUEdit
Xlite-W Screen (PC) Blueprint (L)15.16.3UncommonLast VUEdit
Ziplex Refrigerator Blueprint (L)17.0.5UncommonLast VUEdit

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