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 NameLevelTypeMaterials ItemItem valueItem markupItem markupCostCost/MCost/%Found on
Jester D-1 Blueprint1Weapon3Jester D-14.5  0.940.98103.8Planet Calypso, ROCKtropia
Jester D-1 Blueprint Adjusted (L)1Weapon4Jester D-14.5  5.706.06106.3Planet Calypso
Jester D-1 Blueprint Improved (L)1Weapon4Jester D-14.5  26.1027.70106.1Planet Calypso
Jester D-1 Blueprint Modified (L)1Weapon4Jester D-14.5  28.8031.31108.7Planet Calypso

Blueprint Drops

 Blueprint Looted BlueprintLast VUFrequencyUpdate 
Jester D-1 Blueprint ArMatrix BC-10 (L) Blueprint (L)17.1.1 Last VUEdit
 ArMatrix BC-15 (L) Blueprint (L)17.1.1 Last VUEdit
 ArMatrix BC-20 (L) Blueprint (L)17.1.1 Last VUEdit
ArMatrix BC-40 (L) Blueprint (L)17.1.1 Last VUEdit
ArMatrix BC-45 (L) Blueprint (L)15.15.6UncommonLast VUEdit
 ArMatrix BP-15 (L) Blueprint (L)15.15.0 Last VUEdit
 ArMatrix BP-20 (L) Blueprint (L)17.1.1 Last VUEdit
 ArMatrix BP-25 (L) Blueprint (L)15.17.0UnknownLast VUEdit
 ArMatrix BP-35 (L) Blueprint (L)17.1.1 Last VUEdit
ArMatrix BP-40 (L) Blueprint (L)17.1.1 Last VUEdit
ArMatrix BP-45 (L) Blueprint (L)17.1.1UnknownLast VUEdit
 ArMatrix LB-15 (L) Blueprint (L)17.1.1 Last VUEdit
 ArMatrix LP-30 (L) Blueprint (L)17.1.1 Last VUEdit
 ArMatrix LR-10 (L) Blueprint (L)17.1.1 Last VUEdit
 ArMatrix LR-15 (L) Blueprint (L)17.1.1UnknownLast VUEdit
 ArMatrix LR-30 (L) Blueprint (L)15.16.3 Last VUEdit
 ArMatrix LR-35 (L) Blueprint (L)17.1.1UnknownLast VUEdit
 ArMatrix SB-10 (L) Blueprint (L)17.1.1 Last VUEdit
 ArMatrix SB-15 (L) Blueprint (L)17.1.1 Last VUEdit
 ArMatrix SB-20 (L) Blueprint (L)17.1.1UnknownLast VUEdit
 ArMatrix SB-30 (L) Blueprint (L)17.1.1UnknownLast VUEdit
 ArMatrix SB-35 (L) Blueprint (L)17.1.1 Last VUEdit
 ArMatrix SB-40 (L) Blueprint (L)17.1.1 Last VUEdit
Breer M1a (L) Blueprint10.1.2 Last VUEdit
Breer M2a (L) Blueprint (L)11.3.6UncommonLast VUEdit
Breer M3a (L) Blueprint (L)12.0.1UncommonLast VUEdit
Breer P1a (L) Blueprint11.3.6UncommonLast VUEdit
Breer P1a (L) Blueprint (L)12.7.0UncommonLast VUEdit
ClericDagger 1A Blueprint9.4.4 Last VUEdit
ClericDagger 1B Blueprint9.3.8 Last VUEdit
ClericDagger 1C Blueprint9.4.3 Last VUEdit
ClericDagger 2A Blueprint9.3.7 Last VUEdit
ClericDagger 2C Blueprint12.5.2UnknownLast VUEdit
 Cochran LP1 (L) Blueprint (L)15.7.5UnknownLast VUEdit
 Cochran LP3 (L) Blueprint (L)15.7.5UnknownLast VUEdit
 Cochran LP5 (L) Blueprint (L)15.7.5UnknownLast VUEdit
 Cochran LP7 (L) Blueprint (L)15.7.5UnknownLast VUEdit
Cochran LP9 (L) Blueprint (L)15.7.5UnknownLast VUEdit
 Cochran LR5 (L) Blueprint (L)15.7.5UnknownLast VUEdit
DetPil Rv 50 (L) Blueprint (L)15.7.5UnknownLast VUEdit
Dominax Original Boiga (L) Blueprint (L)15.7.5UnknownLast VUEdit
 Dominax Original Garter (L) Blueprint (L)17.1.1 Last VUEdit
 Dominax Original Habu (L) Blueprint (L)15.7.5UnknownLast VUEdit
 Dominax Original Mamushi (L) Blueprint (L)15.16.3 Last VUEdit
 Dominax Original Moccasin (L) Blueprint (L)15.9.3UnknownLast VUEdit
Eraktor Ekk 100 (L) Blueprint (L)15.7.5UnknownLast VUEdit
Eraktor Es 10 (L) Blueprint (L)15.7.5UnknownLast VUEdit
Fire Of Hel (L) Blueprint (L)15.7.5RareLast VUEdit
GeoTrek AL15 Taurus (L) Blueprint9.4.1 Last VUEdit
GeoTrek H40 Brody (L) Blueprint11.8.2UncommonLast VUEdit
GeoTrek H8 Mean (L) Blueprint (L)15.12.1UncommonLast VUEdit
GeoTrek LP120 Niloticus (L) Blueprint (L)12.7.0UncommonLast VUEdit
GeoTrek LP175 Sphyra (L) Blueprint11.10.3RareLast VUEdit
GeoTrek LP175 Sphyra (L) Blueprint (L)12.8.2UncommonLast VUEdit
GeoTrek LP485 Apis (L) Blueprint9.4.3 Last VUEdit
 Grindhouse Sleaze Blueprint15.7.5UnknownLast VUEdit
Heavy Porcupine HMAP-52 (L) Blueprint (L)15.7.5UncommonLast VUEdit
Herman CAP-7 Desert (L) Blueprint (L)12.5.3RareLast VUEdit
Herman CAP-7 Jungle (L) Blueprint (L)11.10.3UnknownLast VUEdit
Herman LAW-13 (L) Blueprint (L)12.5.3RareLast VUEdit
Jashonich AP Blueprint9.4.4 Last VUEdit
Jashonich MP Blueprint9.4.4 Last VUEdit
Jester D-1 Blueprint Adjusted (L)15.7.1UncommonLast VUEdit
Jester D-1 Blueprint Improved (L)14.4.2UncommonLast VUEdit
Jester D-1 Blueprint Modified (L) VUEdit
Jester D-2 Blueprint9.3.6 Last VUEdit
Jester D-3 Blueprint10.9.2 Last VUEdit
JUELZ MIC-Killa SG-1 (L) Blueprint (L)15.7.5UnknownLast VUEdit
Karma Killer Blueprint9.4.4 Last VUEdit
Kesmek Slo (L) Blueprint10.0.11 Last VUEdit
Kesmek Vass (L) Blueprint12.0.3 Last VUEdit
Killian Longsword G3 Blueprint9.4.4 Last VUEdit
Killian Sword Blueprint9.3.6 Last VUEdit
Killian Sword G2 Blueprint9.4.4RareLast VUEdit
L/Murdand Groover Blueprint9.4.4 Last VUEdit
Loughlin Cutter One (L) Blueprint15.7.5OftenLast VUEdit
Loughlin Cutter Three (L) Blueprint9.4.4 Last VUEdit
Loughlin Masher One (L) Blueprint15.7.5UnknownLast VUEdit
Loughlin Masher Two (L) Blueprint9.3.6 Last VUEdit
Loughlin Scratcher One (L) Blueprint11.5.4 Last VUEdit
Loughlin Scratcher Two (L) Blueprint15.7.5UnknownLast VUEdit
Loughlin Smacker One (L) Blueprint15.7.5OftenLast VUEdit
Loughlin Smacker Three (L) Blueprint (L)11.3.6UncommonLast VUEdit
Loughlin Smacker Two (L) Blueprint15.7.5UnknownLast VUEdit
M-Ray 1000 Laser Pistol (L) Blueprint (L)15.7.5UnknownLast VUEdit
M-Ray 2000 Laser Pistol (L) Blueprint (L)15.7.5UnknownLast VUEdit
Maddox 1 Blueprint10.0.11 Last VUEdit
Mann MPH DLx Blueprint9.3.7 Last VUEdit
Mann MPH DLxE Blueprint9.3.6 Last VUEdit
Mann MPH DLxEFi Blueprint11.3.6 Last VUEdit
Mann MPH DLxEGrd Blueprint12.8.2UncommonLast VUEdit
MANTA K-3 (L) Blueprint12.5.3RareLast VUEdit
Mar-Peeker Davidov Blueprint9.3.6 Last VUEdit
Mar-Spark Davidov Blueprint9.3.2 Last VUEdit
 Marcato-9 (L) Blueprint (L)15.7.5UnknownLast VUEdit
Mez-1 EnergyGlove Blueprint9.3.6 Last VUEdit
Mir-1 EnergyGlove Blueprint9.4.4 Last VUEdit
Mir-2 EnergyGlove Blueprint9.3.6 Last VUEdit
 Modec VXT 300 (L) Blueprint (L)15.12.0UncommonLast VUEdit
Plasma Kyller Blueprint10.9.2 Last VUEdit
Plasma Kyller Zwei Blueprint9.3.6 Last VUEdit
Porcupine MAP-13 (L) Blueprint (L)15.7.5RareLast VUEdit
Rutic Slo (L) Blueprint9.3.6 Last VUEdit
Shriek Back Alley Blueprint9.4.4 Last VUEdit
Shriek Basic Blueprint9.4.4 Last VUEdit
Shriek Covert Ops Blueprint9.3.6 Last VUEdit
Shriek Street Blueprint9.4.4 Last VUEdit
Starkhov LPR-1 (L) Blueprint Adjusted (L)15.0.1UnknownLast VUEdit
Svempa S40 (L) Blueprint9.3.6 Last VUEdit
Svempa S40 (L) Blueprint (L)12.7.2RareLast VUEdit
Svempa S60 (L) Blueprint (L)12.5.3Extremely rareLast VUEdit
 Weapon Tech Gizmo 1 Blueprint15.17.0UncommonLast VUEdit
 Weapon Tech Gizmo 3 Blueprint17.1.1 Last VUEdit
Willard Heatray A (L) Blueprint9.3.6 Last VUEdit
Willard Heatray B (L) Blueprint9.3.6 Last VUEdit

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